Cheap Travel Insurance For Cancer Patients


If you are a cancer patient then it’s really important that you disclose it to your travel insurance company before you go on holiday. If you don’t disclose your cancer on your application for travel insurance it could invalidate a claim leaving you with a large bill for medical expenses and maybe repatriation costs too if you need to come home early due to ill health.

Cancellation Cover Might Be Lost

Also, if you fall ill before you go on holiday and need to claim under the cancellation option this would also be invalid if you hadn’t disclosed your cancer meaning your holiday costs are lost.

What Type Of Cancers Need To Be Disclosed?

In summary the travel insurance industry requires that all cancers are disclosed in the application process as cancer is defined as a pre-existing medical condition even if the cancer came and went many years ago.

Travel Insurance For Cancer Patients Need Not Be Expensive If You Shop Around

Travel insurance for cancer patients need not be expensive if you shop around and find a specialist that can select the right underwriter for your particular circumstances. For example the price of your travel insurance will be influenced by your specific symptoms of the disease, your age and the destination and the length of your stay.